Saturday, 8 December 2012


Some animation for the indoor scenes.

So, these were all done rather quickly, as they are very short and simple scenes (with some only being 5 frames looping frames long!). We thought they looked okay, we were going for a line boiling look, and with one or 2 errors in the beginning (making it boil too much) we were pretty happy with these guys!

That is until we tested out colouring on them...

The colours move too much with the lines, and we didn't notice before how much his volume seemed to change (much more apparent with the colours in place). We did a few more tests, but it seemed to just re-enforce that this wasn't going to work. Erin took some time to try and re-draw the frames much cleaner, and then rough them up after to see how that would work out.

Looking a bit better!..?!

However we've overall decided, after this mess we didn't anticipate (and which has now stopped us from having some scenes and lovely and completed for Christmas!!), that once we come back next semester, we're simply going to animate with clean lines to make things easier for ourselves.

It's a bummer we don't have anything clean and coloured for now, but next semester we'll be all set to start animating from the get go!

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