Friday, 20 April 2012

Bits and bobs

Landscape Concepts

Landscape Concepts

Cailleach's Chair Turnaround

Updated Animatic

Final Kelpie Developments

Final Kelpie Turnaround

Kelpie Poses

Le Compositing tests

Original under water test

Creating an under water scene during day time

light rays through the water

introducing a sea-bed. However it seems a bit too shallow now.

adding some small under-water particles

And finally a few more particle tweaks.

particle test001 'My Bubbles'

A really quick particle test, to get started.

Composite test screen shots

Screen shots of composite tests. Will upload the videos soon.

Landscape concepts

Some landscape concepts and fo shizzle.

concept & development

some concept and kelpie development

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Expressions sheet for the woman, oh boy!

character size relation

Horse sketches

Some experimental environments

A few prop designs

We have a boat and oars finalised!

Right now we're just working full steam ahead to get the production bible done so we can send it off to be printed. We're planning to have it done by Friday, so we have a lot to do! All of the characters, props and interiors have been finalised, and we'll probably keep working on environments over the summer.