Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The latest

We had a peer review last week, and the result of that was a story edit. The film is really turning more and more into a horror film of sorts, which we are pretty excited about! This meant a big script edit though, and as soon as the script is finalised we can start storyboarding, and we're hoping that'll be soon.

We are thankfully VERY close to having a final design for the boy (who we have christened Murdo). We're just straightening out a few things and hopefully we should have a turnaround of him soon enough. The old woman is very near that stage as well, we just have some decisions to make and we can get finalising her. As for the kelpies themselves, they keep getting creepier and creepier. We're thinking skeletons, stretched skin, and we'll be rattling out some concepts. We're still going up to Kirriemuir for observational drawing, and whilst it's pretty difficult to draw a moving horse, it's proving pretty useful for getting the anatomy and movement accurate.

We're also doing compositing tests for mist and water, and we hope to get some 3D tests as well, models and the likes. We're still doing environment designs, as these have proved to be tricky, and we've asked for help from another group for interior designs, as we've all been avoiding it like the plague.

That's pretty much how it's going, we've really realised that the easter holidays are looming and that we don't have an awful lot of time to get things finished now!!

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